Simple, Slow Saturday

There were plans. There was sickness. Things were rearranged. And all of that together equated to a wonderfully simple Saturday strolling through the City Market, vegging on the couch, baking homemade goodies just because and short-range planning for some summer daytrips. Organic foods…organic plans.

The fruits and veggies are starting to show up at the farmer’s market, but it’s still predominantly flowers and plants and succulents galore. Each time I see someone walking back to their car with an armload or box filled with tomato plants or other annuals, I feel a common bond of hope with them. We all start out the summer filled with grand plans that usually get tapped down by weather or bugs or budgets. But in the beginning – we are imagining our own small piece of heaven, right there in our backyards. Go small-batch farmers, go!

I enjoy watching the vendors who sell bouquets of cut flowers. Is it just us Midwestern gals that love an armful of ‘freshly cut wildflowers’ over an FTD arrangement any ol’ day?! To watch the vendors pick and choose from buckets and buckets of flowers…it’s mesmerizing to me. Someday I hope to see the big flower markets in the Pacific Northwest. I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking and oo’ing and ahh’ing! I just imagine them to be simply amazing.

Being within walking distance of our farmer’s market is certainly a big plus when it comes to bringing home country wildflowers for our urban home. This week I picked a small $5 bouquet, mostly because the flowers are ones that last a lot longer than the other varieties. I had never seen this particular vendor before but I loved their booth and the extra touch of the brown paper surrounding the bunch. I was specifically thinking of the sweet pink vase my friend, Brenda, sent me from Magnolia Market.

And I was right: the flowers look perfect in their little pink home, reminding me of a simple Saturday with my husband and a friend who allowed me to cancel plans with her because of my stupid ear infection but that I got to enjoy her gift all over again…

Mental, emotional and spiritual recalibration. That’s what this weekend has been for us. I hope you’re enjoying a few extra hours with family and friends this Memorial Day weekend.


2 thoughts on “Simple, Slow Saturday

  1. Deanie Rudzik says:

    You’re right….handpicked bouquets are the best. Hope your ear infection is gone soon. Enjoy having your hubby home.


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