Coffeeshop Friday

(and a wee bit of Thursday)
I feel like I’ve been sequestered in our apartment for weeks upon months now. In actuality, it’s just been a few days. Seasonal allergies have knocked me flat this year with a little upper respiratory infection thrown in for good measure.

Scott’s work schedule has switched now. He works for 10 days then has 4 days off. Thursday was his first day off and I was ready to enjoy it despite the achiness. We drove up north to Smithville Lake to drive around and see what’s up there. It had been years since either one of us had been there so today seemed like a good day for a ‘Driving With Miss G’ excursion. We even got to see a few sailboats out for the morning…

We drove through nearby small towns and a small community called Paradise, Missouri which sported a few churches, one of which was this United Methodist Church. Our church will open its new building next weekend in downtown Kansas City. It is also United Methodist. The building will be very different than this. There won’t be a propane tank or a horse stable across the street. But we will all, on any given Sunday, gather together with people we love and worship the same God. Standing in the grass (watching for snakes!), it was a centering moment of gratitude that worship takes on many different forms but the love and forgiveness of God is beautifully consistent.

Driving back into downtown, I was thankful for a few hours of driving in the country. As much as I love urban living, I need time in the trees. Wide open driving. Wind, birds, and green expanse. It felt good for my soul.

The sunset last night was overwhelmingly gorgeous. I posted (too) many pictures on my Instagram stories. But I had to share this video with you here. And still, it didn’t capture the magnitude of color we got to enjoy for an hour or so as the sun took a dramatic last bow before leaving for the night.

When Scott originally told me his hours would be changing, I grasped for something good to look forward to. Friday morning coffeeshops were high on my list. I wanted to have a Twig Cake Company cupcake at Monarch coffeeshop, but didn’t realize they didn’t arrive until mid-morning on Fridays. I’ll know better the next time.

If you follow any Kansas City instagrammers, I am sure you’ve seen Monarch coffeeshop. The space is gorgeous but also…….the windows are tinted perfectly for the best snaps! 🙂

Isn’t that mint green espresso machine gorgeous?!

This below picture is full-on CREEPER stalker level. This wonder woman is Tricia Bushnell and she is the director of the Midwest Innocence Project. (She was being interviewed here, as I not-so-stealthishly took this picture.)

I was introduced to her during the public listening party of the SERIAL podcast about Adnan Syed (2016?). Tricia works tirelessly for wrongfully convicted prisoners. Their stories are sad and her overwhelm at the magnitude can be heard during her speeches. There is so much more to do. But she is ruthlessly dipping water out of the ocean, one cup at a time.

We were supposed to go to a concert tonight. Our sweet neighbor gives us such random tickets from time to time. Scott is still going with some friends, but this sickie is staying home to recoup. I’ve had my little outings and now I want warm tea and a soft bed. Cheap Trick and Poison will have to go on without me. Maybe I’ll wear a Bret Michaels/Shannon Beador headband tonight in solidarity. 😉

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! It looks like it will be a hot one here in KC. If you can enjoy a sailboat ride somewhere in your celebrating – all the better!


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