That was cute of me. 

I believe the last thing I said was, “…and I’ll blog about this move along the way.”

I was insane.

Currently my desk is completely covered with plants from all over the house so that I can still get to them to water them and they can still get sun, but I needed their regular spaces around the house for piles of boxes. Getting to my computer to do a complete blog is simply an impossible dream at this point. 

But I did want to check in a second and say hey.

Moving reminds me a lot of pregnancy. You know, the pregnancies I had 29 and 26 years ago that everyone said I would forget the childbirth process as time went by. I haven’t forgotten. It also reminds me of the long flight I took from the middle of the United States to South Africa. After a few hours all rational thoughts go out the window and all you can think is, “I’m finished. Right now. I mean it! I need to be done with this. Pull this plane over this very minute and let me off.

That’s about where I am with this move. And I still have a month to go.

I don’t know if it makes me a superficial person, or if it’s pretty common among all people, but I need a calm, pretty environment. I don’t live well with clutter. I told Scott the other night that my body actually hurts from walking and stopping and pivoting and turning and maneuvering my way around piles of boxes all over the house all day long. 

Yes, I’m grateful.
Yes, I’m excited for the move.
But still, yes, I’m discontented and impatient with the process.

We are learning to keep our sense of humor. And to be very patient and understanding with each other. Both of us have mentioned to each other that we are we bit control freaky and not always very nice when it comes to the moving process. Maybe in admitting this to each other before hand, we can find the space for forgiveness when the aggravated times inevitably will come. Scott and I are both firstborns. Every book will tell you that two  firstborns should never marry. I mostly disagree with them, since Scott and I seem to get a lot done together. We are a pretty good powerhouse team. But in times like these, when there are too many details and too many plans and too many contingency things that could go wrong, we both step firmly into our firstborn rolls. After seven years of marriage, we are learning when to step back and let the other lead. And that seems to be half the battle. Well that and I respect the hell out of the man. 

The biggest thing I’m keeping in mind, is that we have had rainy overcast and dreary days here in KC for weeks and weeks on end it seems. I recently heard somebody say that they are ‘solar-powered’. I loved that description! It fits me to a tee. And without any sun lately, my battery is running low.

And while I’m at it, can I just tell you that I have some of the most fantastic friends in the world. Seriously, you may think yours are great, but I think mine are the awesomest!! 

I received this text from my friend Vicky the other day. I have known Vicky since third grade, and she knows how much I don’t like rainy days.

There’s nothing quite like a well-placed text to really turn a mood around. It wasn’t what she said, of course, but rather that she remembered something about me and reached out to do something about it. I really wish I could remember that with other people. A connection can happen with such a small, free, simple act of kindness.
So now I’m back to the boxes and the smell of magic marker and the tape that just won’t stick.  But also back to making decisions about the things I have been blessed to co-exist with for awhile, trying to determine whether or not our journey together is finished and it’s time for someone else to love it – or if our time together is just not quite done yet. 

Moving would be a lot easier if I didn’t humanize everything in my life! 

The adventure continues –



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