Adventures Ahead

It is with more excitement than trepidation (but a very healthy dosage of both) to announce that Scott and I will be moving in May. It has always been our dream to live in the River Market area of Kansas City, so we have finally decided to take the big plunge. Our nervousness (…okay, MY nervousness…) and what has held us back from making the move before, is the sacrifice of space. But it seems like it’s the right time to reduce and pare down. ‘Downsizing’ is such a popular term right now, but a much more difficult concept to execute. I’d like to take you along on the journey as we make this move – greatly reducing our living area, but at the same time exponentially expanding our ‘backyard’ quality of life.

Small living for a big life.

Many of you have heard me talk about my-best-friend-who-doesn’t-know-me-yet, Anne Lamott. The first book I read of hers, Traveling Mercies, was when I first fell in love with her old soul. She talked about her sobriety, her childhood, dating woes and how she eventually stumbled into a faith community. I read most of that book sitting under my favorite tree at Loose Park, going through a rather dark valley of my own. Some days I would go down to the City Market just to walk around and be lost in a crowd of ‘regular’ people.

Anne wrote:

‘…this is where I liked to be when I was hung over or coming down off a cocaine binge, here in the dust with all these dusty people, all this liveliness and clutter and color.’

That’s what the City Market has always been to me. A beautiful mix of everything. Dusty people. Not people striving to be perfect but people covered in life. That’s who I have always identified with the most. The City Market is where I think Christ would choose to walk around. It is where God’s creativity is most gloriously evident.

So at the end of April we are moving to a much (MUCH!) smaller place but at 5th and Grand (and why I recently changed my Instagram to @ourlifeisgrand.) Our backyard will be spices and Dutch flowers and Vietnamese markets and homemade salsa. We will reap the harvest of organic farming, without having to do all the work.

We envision running out in the early mornings for coffee, being in mid-recipe and realizing we are out of a certain spice only to walk down the street to the old spice man to pick up our needed supply. We will jump on the streetcar that stops at our corner and ride through our beloved city at a moments notice. We will insist that friends who come down to the city market to shop on the weekends, stop by and say hello by just buzzing us on the intercom just outside our building. As you can probably tell, we are beyond ecstatic for this new adventure.

I will be blogging and Instagramming the experience. Come join us as two suburban-raised, middle-aged, hippie-hearted adults take on the dusty magic of city-living life.

Come see us soon,



One thought on “Adventures Ahead

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so excited for you guys and a bit jealous too😜.
    I too love the River Market area. We may pop in to say “hi” when we’re shopping for our fruits and veggies.
    Happy moving!

    P.S. If you need help please let me know


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