friendship redefined

Grateful for afternoons after school talking to friends on a landline phone, cord stretched as far as possible…

Grateful for college friendships, born of avoiding studying and late night cram sessions…

Grateful for friendships so deep it breaks your heart when moves take you far apart…

Grateful for text messages and snail mail and life goals celebrated…

Grateful for a silly online app where a shared love of making a house a home develops into new friendships scattered worldwide.

Technology may change. Ways of communication take on different forms. But the bond of friendship between humans is forever consistent. 

I have been deeply grateful this week for humanly flawed but good-hearted people who continue to push me, pray for me, encourage me, challenge me and coax me out of my little spot in the world.

Deeply, deeply grateful. ❤


a day

Earache. (And by earache I mean the left side of my face might fall off at any minute.) 

Hamilton soundtrack. (However, I’m sort of willing to give up my shot at this particular moment.) 

Otter videos. (Cutest animal ever. You know Kristen Bell’s obsession with sloths? That’s me and otters.❤) 

Texting my husband to ask if he’d drive an hour and a half home to get the soup out of the pantry and warm it up for me. (Unrelated: What does ‘LOL’ mean?!) 

Messaging with insta-friends. (An Oprah meme was involved.) And probably stalking on your account!

I’ve also tried all day long to master the phrase, “Giraffe? What giraffe? Oh her? She’s been here for years!”

Some new decor purchases you can slip in and no one is the wiser. But this little lady might be harder to cover up! I love her barn wood body and imposing neck. STAND TALL, sweet giraffe. Stand tall! I think I’ll name her Dorothy. And I’ll pronounce it just like Estelle Getty would. “Excuse me, Dor-ro-thy while I dust under your bum.”

Took a quick shower before falling back in bed this evening. I used a DIY sugar scrub I found on Pinterest. It was really nice! 

1C brown sugar•1/4C olive oil•1tsp vanilla•1tsp honey. 

Super easy. Added benefit: I’m drifting off to sleep smelling like a plump holiday ham. 

Sure happy it’s (almost) Thursday…

let loose

It has felt good, these past two days, to dust off and bring out some old friends: paint and brushes and blank canvases. I have blissfully listened to podcasts and played with my 12-year-old soul. To let go of perfectionist me (the loudest voice) and embrace the ‘art for no reason at all’. To let loose and just play. Beauty is in the eye…and all that jazz.

In the middle of all that blissful playing, my cousin called. To be technical, she is the daughter of my father’s first cousin. (I’ll try to post our cute selves in matching dresses on Insta-stories.) Why is it we know with some phone calls, the message will not be easy? Marcy told me about her father (a true life Tom Selleck, police chief, 6’6″ man) & his fall & his dementia & his eventual death, just a few hours before. Marcy’s voice broke. Even at 92, some men seem forever invincible. We talked about memories and Marcy told me the specifics of the last hours at her father’s side. He struggled then rallied and finally seemed to ‘be doing better’. Marcy knew her time with him was limited. She held his hand as she spoke, telling him she knew he’d be meeting his Lord soon. She smiled when she told him that “Mom is probably holding dinner for you.” He seemed to get a little agitated until finally Marcy assured him: “Dad. If you’re seeing something beautiful, you need to go to it.” And with that, he left.

Letting loose is so difficult in this life of holding on. We know how to grasp & cling so much more than we know how to live calmly & without care. 

I picked up my paint brush again. It has felt good to move toward colors I’ve left on the sidelines for too long. To resist fad & embrace fun. To let loose. To move toward something beautiful. To just go.

I wish that for you, my friends. Trends and fads and algorithms are exciting to chase. They really are! But as Erin said in her book, ‘Chasing Slow’, “…slow down, Erin. You’ve got a race to lose.” It’s worth stepping out of the race occasionally. To set down the instant gratification of likes & follows and let yourself run through a field of Beautiful. Move toward it. It’s time.