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I…like many of you, I’m sure…have been avoiding many forms of social media lately. I’ve decided I need to go to it, rather than it come to me uninvited. The news is so overwhelming and it’s making us all crazed animals.

By 7am this morning, I had already been snarky on Facebook. I don’t like the way some people act (either passive aggressively or in-your-face) but I really don’t like the way I act and feel on Facebook. Why can’t I quit you, Facebook?! (raises fist to the air) I feel as if I need to go back and do a refresher course on niceness and kindness and I’ve been reading articles and books accordingly. I suppose until I can NOT say, “…and I wish a few other people would read those things too!”, then I still need to read a little more. 🙂

Last night I had a lovely dinner with a friend who I first met when we were in third grade. We didn’t meet online. We met in the doorway of the children’s wing of our church. I was new to the church; she introduced herself to me. We’ve been friends ever since. There were gaps in our friendship a few decades ago as we both were establishing new homes and families. But again, she called me out of the blue on my birthday and that was that – we’ve met every month or every other month through heartbreaks and parenting and life confusion and a millions joys in between. We don’t agree on all issues but we strongly agree on one thing: a mutual respect for the other person’s heart.

The lacking component of social media.

I am not bemoaning social media. It plays a big part in my life and has greatly expanded my view of the world. But often times I forget the significance of truly knowing a person before accepting or rejecting their opinions. It is one of the most important factors in friendship or in engaging with another person about their beliefs. First, I have to respect their opinion before I can become emotionally attached to it. I need to sift my knee-jerk reaction through that filter first: Is this someone I respect and know their heart and mind? If not, then it’s not worth the angst.

Today is Friday. Our weekend around here is Friday and Saturday, the days Scott has off work. I am deeply grateful for lazy mornings that don’t include a 3:30am alarm. A common question from one of us is, “What does today look like?” And then the planning conversation begins.

I hope your day looks like sunshine.

I hope your day looks like easy answers.

I hope your day looks like green lights and short carpool lines and ‘slashed prices’ on all your favorite things.

I hope your day looks like deep and abiding friendship with those you trust, respect and love. We could all use a little more of that in our opinion-laden world…

HAPPY WEEKEND, my friends!


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