If you know me at all, you know I’m married to the perfect man.

(well okay – sans the sock balls and empty Ziploc boxes…)

This morning he was watering some plants around our house and he noticed a small potted plant we had just split up and transplanted last weekend. It was looking a little sickly. 

We were getting ready to go visit a local mid-century flea market in town so I was rushing around trying to get ready for the day. I told Scott I was close to being finished so he went out to warm up our car. I grabbed my coat, threw some things in my bag, fed our cat, grabbed my keys and……

…stopped for a second in my mid-haste to get out the door. 

I smiled at the simple sweetness of it.
Scott found a little spot of sun and set the sickly plant in the middle of it to give it some extra sunshine. 

I set down my keys. Set down my water bottle. Took off my gloves and dug my phone out of my purse. All the while thinking, ‘this little scene is so indicative of Scott. He sees something that needs some extra love and attention, and he puts it squarely in the middle of the light.’

He’s been doing that for me since we first met. He rarely takes center stage but is more than happy to elevate someone else to their place in the sun. 

Whether it’s a scrawled love note taped to the fridge or answering a frantic phone call from one of our kids or slipping one of them a $20 for driving over to see us. And then he sits back and grins with the complete satisfaction that he was able to give someone care. It is his greatest spiritual gift. 

He sees what needs to be done then he quietly goes about getting it done. No hype or attention: just carefully helping people get to where they need to be. Even sickly philodendron plants who need a little boost. 

I gave the sun-bathing plant another smile as I loaded up again with my things for the day and gently assured it: ‘It’s okay now, little plant; you are in the kindest of hands.’ 

Me and a sickly little plant. God’s love is most obvious to me through the quiet care of my husband. 

I don’t just love and respect my sweet caregiving husband. I spend most days trying to be more like him.

God’s love and direction is not always written in the sky. Sometimes it can be found in a tiny spot in the sun…


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